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Christian Classics
Extensive range of Christian classical literature listed by author from 'Cleaving to God' by Albert the Great Saint (1193?-1280) to the 'Journal of John Woolman' by John Woolman (1720-1772), from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College.
Christian History Institute
Offers easy to read key dates, events, reviews and personalities from Church history.
Church History
Includes links to general Church history, early Church history, Middle Ages to the present, Western Hemisphere Church history, Eastern Hemisphere Church history, histories of other denominations and relevant directories.
Church Rodent - glossary
Listed alphabetically from Lyman Abbott to Ulrich Zwingli, Rich Tatum's Glossary of Christian History, based in part on Bruce Shelley's Christian History in Plain Language.
Early Church Fathers
The Early Church Fathers is a 38 volume collection of writings from the first 800 years of the Church. This collection is divided into three series, Ante-Nicene (ANF), Nicene and Post-Nicene Series I (NPNF1), and Nicene and Post-Nicene Series II (NPNF2), from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College.
Extensive history, culture, and Christian heritage links.
Fox's Book of Martyrs
John Fox 's (1516-1587) classic work that profoundly influenced early Protestant sentiment. Describes the days when 'a noble army, men and boys, the matron and the maid,' climbed the steep ascent of heaven, mid peril, toil, and pain', from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College.
Hall of Church History
Includes an extensive collection of historical documents and information from the early Church Fathers through the Reformation to current times.
Historians of the Church
General histories by ancient writers such as Eusibius, Socrates, Scholasticus and St. Bede. Also includes a few non-Orthodox source, e.g. Josephus and non-Chalcedonian writers. Provided by the Saint Pachomius Library.
Internet Medieval Source Book
Produced by ORB, a cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the Internet to establish an online textbook source for medieval studies on the Worldwide Web, including texts, saints' lives, law texts and maps.
Medieval Manuscript Leaves
Illustrations taken from medieval books written in various European scriptoria by Benedictine, Franciscan, Carthusian, Dominican, and other orders of monks. Texts include the Bible, various church service books, the writings of the Church Fathers and some of the Classics, from the Cary Collection, Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y.
Texts, pictures, and links on the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century. The original contribution of this collection is its portrait gallery of contemporary woodcuts and engravings from Dr. Hans Rollmann, Department of Religious Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Reformation Guide
Key links to works and information on reformers, such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and Zwingli, and to reform moments and the Counter Reformation.
Religion in Victorian Britain
Includes Evangelical, High, and Broad Church movements and dissenters, Papal Infallibility, Tracts, Baptism, Methodism and more. From the The Victorian Web — literature, history, and culture in the age of Victoria presented by George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University.
The American Colonist's Library
Historical works that contributed to the formation of American politics, culture and ideals, including many religious works.
The Eccole Initiative: Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History
Includes translations of Judeo-Christian and Islamic Primary Sources to 1500 AD, essays, iconography and religious art, also timeline with geographical cross-reference.
Saints and Angels
Alphabetical index of Saints and their biographies. Also includes articles on Angels, from Catholic Online.
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